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Master Synchronic Code Book 《共时密码指南》

正文摘译自《Master Synchronic Code Book》



正文特供就学交流下  🙂



Welcome to the synchronic matrix


The information contained herein is beyond the cybersphere, or any
technological contrivance; it is information that serves as a guide book
to the positive construction of the future beyond the Internet and all
machine technology.




For this reason, it can only be disseminated in a very specific form:
that of a real book that can be taken with one anywhere on the
planet—especially where there is no internet or cybersphere—like to a
cave in a mountain where you are doing your telepathic meditations.





And for this reason, we ask that this book not be recreated
electronically in any way, including being uploaded to the Internet. All
of the original information as well as the consolidations of other
teachings into the synchronic order has been due to the effort of Valum
Votan (José Argüelles).




www.lawoftime.org (美国时间法则基金会官网)

© 2007 Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time

下是专业的前言 🙂

Welcome to the Master Synchronic Code Book!


There comes a point in history where everything has been done, the
amount of novelty reaches a saturation point, and the human mind becomes
embedded in its own self-created clichés and cannot see out of the
self-limiting blinders of the knowledge it has constructed out of its
misperceptions of the world. It is precisely at such a point where a
flash of genuinely new unrehearsed knowledge must penetrate the thick,
dense mass of foggy consciousness.




束手无策过自要的重重障碍 。



“The codes of time are all aspects of a system of new knowledge. New
knowledge by its nature is cathartic and transformative. Old knowledge
must be displaced, abandoned or revised; otherwise, the new knowledge
will not take root.





There must be a turning in the deepest seat of consciousness for the new
knowledge to become real in order to inform and nourish the most
profound psychic bases of our being. This can be by turns a painful, a
bewildering, or even a boring process.




Painful because new knowledge confronts the spell of egoic attachments
that the old knowledge casts upon us; bewildering because the new
knowledge does not fit our preconceived notions of reality, both
philosophically or socially; and boring, because sometimes it seems like
it is just rote practice and we are not certain that it leads anywhere
or that anything is really happening.




The point is: once you have entered the stream of new knowledge, do not
stop half way. If you don’t do it, it won’t work.” — Rinri Project
Newsletter, Vol. 1, Number 6


只要你无去实施书被之方,那么它们必将不会见由任何企图。”——Rinri Project
Newsletter, Vol. 1, Number 6


All of the codes contained in the Master Synchronic Code Book can be
found in the 13 Moon calendar. You can start anywhere as these are
continuously repeating cycles. Once started you can understand how the
cycles of 13:20 repeat; then you can further your study of the
Dreamspell, a pure 13:20 cycle. The most important practices are those
of natural mind meditation and submission to the Creator. Hand in hand,
these practices expose and diminish the power of the ego, the root of
all psychic disharmony. Natural mind meditation along with practice of
the synchronic order will create a genuine culture of peace, a galactic
culture free from aggression and abuse of free will.


“Try doing this for half an hour, for 45 minutes, or even an hour. You
have to realize that just holding this position, no matter what is
occurring in your mind, you are peace. You are resisting unexamined
thought impulses to do things while remaining in a position that is
thoroughly non-aggressive. Imagine everyone on the planet doing this for
one hour each morning before they start their day. Wouldn’t the world
then be at peace?The importance of holding this position cannot be
emphasized enough. It is 99 per cent of this practice of experiencing
your natural mind, because it is really the only way that you are going
to be able to experience your natural mind—and nothing else. In
addition, if you do not know what natural mind is, you cannot really say
you are in natural time.


“It can be argued that you can experience your natural mind while
driving a car, or doing beadwork, or playing golf or, certainly,
gardening, for instance, which is true enough. But while you are
involved in these activities, you are still preoccupied with something.
You are not actually devoting your whole self to experiencing directly
the nature of your original mind and self to the exclusion of all else.
And that is the point of this training. To have the pure, raw experience
of seeing your own mind—that and nothing else.”


以下的当本质静心方法转自《星际玛雅时间书 2015.7.25-2017.7.26》

由Ana Zikic和Rafeeka合著

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